Realme GT Banned by AnTuTu for manipulating AnTuTu score

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Since the smartphones of the Android side are many brands. But some models have similar specifications Benchmark test scores are therefore another alternative to measure which smartphones are stronger. But becoming the smartphone maker chose to tweak the score to get a high score too.

The story started with realme executives who posted pictures of realme GT scores through popular Chinese social media Weibo, which managed to score AnTuTu up to 770,221, which is more than the average score of Snapdragon 888. The score was around 710,000 points, even Qualcomm, the designer of the chip Snapdragon 888, revealed the highest score of 735,439, making the realme GT score too unusual.

AnTuTu then tested the realme GT by itself (bought the device itself), found that the realme GT was able to score up to 750,000 points, but during the test there were two strange things. The core of the processor is high.When testing through the second Benchmark app, realme modified the JPG image, AnTuTu’s test file, to reduce the processing time, resulting in realme GT being able to score as strong as it seems.

AnTuTu stated that realme’s actions were against the company’s intentions and benchmarks, causing AnTuTu to ban realme GT for a total of 3 months, giving realme an opportunity to fix smartphones to the company’s specified criteria. Otherwise it will be permanently flat.

The realme side clarified
realme gave information to Android Authority that the scores that came out were “All right” or no cheating happened. While giving information to Android Authority, realme is also negotiating with AnTuTu, so we must follow up on how this event will end

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