Apple May launch iPad Air with OLED display in the second half of 2022

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This year we should see a new 2021 iPad Pro switched to a Mini LED display for the first time, recently it was reported that next year 2022 will be an upgrade to the iPad Air. The mid-range and early MacBook Air models too.

Famous product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that next year the new iPad Air will switch to OLED displays in place of the LCDs used in the current iPad Air 4, which will Has been improved in many things, such as a wider color display. More brightness But it’s still not the same as the iPad Pro (because the Pro will jump to the Mini LED instead).

As for the new MacBook Air, Ming doesn’t expect Apple to switch to OLED screens too, for fear of screen burn problems. But it is likely to turn to a Mini LED screen following the new iPad Pro will be launched soon instead, and it is likely that Apple will raise the price as well because the Mini LED screen is more expensive than other monitors.

As for the design, it will switch to a screen design with a thinner bezel. Along with the coming of the MagSafe system that returns again as in the iPhone 12 Series

However, this was only an early rumor. We still have a long time to see the new iPad Air and MacBook Air models.

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